I imagine we have moved far apart but my friend and I will still find time for adventure.  We will meet somewhere on the way to the mountains or beach or forest.  I'll bring the coffee, she'll bring the pot. We will hike or bike or paddle a canoe. The sunrises will be bright and stark, the stars will be brilliant and we will see the northern lights. We will sleep in a tent or a root cellar on a trail at the foot of a glacial moraine. Over whiskey and campfire our conversations wander from work and pets to relationships and the cosmos. Lots of pictures will be taken. And rocks, always rocks. I will wonder what's going thru her mind as she wanders ahead and gazes out over the sea. The ride home will be bittersweet. Memories of the past few days fade as the miles pass and take us back to reality. I'll find twizzlers and receipts from awful restaurants in the glove box and and bits of tow rope and that missing can of OFF!  when I clean out the Jeep. But I'll be grateful for the reminders and that we had already chosen our next adventure before this one was over.